Gate Keeper

by Saturn

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AOE-001 "Gate Keeper"
Security Clearance Level: 5 (Omega)

Classification: Safe Being (Dimensional/Existential)

Image: Screenshot of headcam footage taken during its initial capture. This is the only time 001 has been seen in this form.

Current Status: 001 is currently contained in Chamber 01, Facility 01. It has shown no intent to escape its chamber, and during its only intelligible interview with facility personnel, it has shown a "need to help humanity". Because of these reasons, 001 is to be considered Safe. 001 has not shown any ability to access or destroy other dimensions, but because of the event which resulted in its discovery, it is to be considered Dimensional/Existential.

Description: 001 is a humanoid entity, 3 meters tall, and entirely comprised of an unknown luminescent material. 001 was discovered at █████ on █████ after █████. Attempts of communication with 001 have resulted in polite declination from 001, followed with a request to speak to the Administrator. 001 has shown fluency in over 15 languages.

Audio: The recordings here have been adapted and remastered by Saturn for better analysis. There have been no recorded side effects of listening to these recordings, however because of their origin they have been restricted to Omega personnel only.

Note (9/3/15): Because of the reclusive nature and complete anonymity of the Administrator, we have been unable to get him to talk to 001.

Update (10/24/15): On the 24th of October, 2015, the Administrator agreed to speak with 001 (See Event Report 001-2).

Event Report 001-2 (10/25/15): The Administrator arrived on the 25th, completely cloaked in an all black coat wearing a white mask. He spoke to no one as he walked to the chamber. After entering 001's chamber, 001 began to emit strange noises, some of which almost sounded musical. During this, the Administrator stayed completely still, only nodding at certain intervals. After 5 hours, the noises stopped and the Administrator left the chamber and the facility. It is not known what 001 said to the Administrator, but it appears that only the Administrator was able to understand it.

Note (10/25/16): it told me how to protect. it told me how much there was still to come


released December 20, 2016

Recorded by: Saturn (



all rights reserved


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